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Once upon a time, in a neighborhood like no other – a snow globe village set apart from the ragged, difficult city by a stream, a road and the wooded hillsides of a vast park – a group of children told a lie and the adults who loved them took action based on that lie.
The adults never knew the children lied.
The children never knew that the adults took action.
Now, several decades later, bad, strange things are beginning to happen and each member of each group has to wonder if they’ve finally been found out – and if someone within the circle has betrayed their long-held secrets.

Booklist review:
BOOKLIST, June 1, 2011
The Most Dangerous Thing
Lippman, Laura (Author)
Aug 2011. 384 p. Morrow, hardcover, $25.99. (9780061706516).  Superb storyteller Lippman continues her trenchant investigation into the malleability of memory and the unexpected ripple effect of crime in another superb stand-alone novel similar in its flashback approach to I’d Know You Anywhere (2010). A 40-year-old man still called Go-Go dies in a car crash. Zip back to 1976. Little Go-Go, his two older brothers, tomboy Mickey, and indulged doctor’s daughter Gwen get up to mischief in the deep woods outside their small town on the fringe of Baltimore. Their biggest thrill is discovering an African American man living in a rough cabin with a few chickens and a steel guitar. Now stalwart husbands and fathers Sean and Tim, still feral Mickey, and trendy magazine editor and unhappily married adoptive mother Gwen fear that a toxic secret from their conspiratorial past will emerge. Lippman’s riveting geometric tale of lies and guilt encompasses shrewd insights into class divides, the vicissitudes of family, and the radically altered nature of childhood. Spiked with sniper-precise humor, Lippman’s wise and provocative novel of destructive choices reminds us that the greatest mystery of all is the inner lives of others.

HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Acclaimed and ever-popular Lippman keeps readers enthralled on two fronts, following her latest Tess Monaghan installment with a powerful novel beyond category.

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