Relaxation Revolution

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Herbert Benson, MD, director emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, is the author of THE RELAXATION RESPONSE (1975), which has sold over four million copies and which introduced the mind-body
concept to modern medicine.

In RELAXATION REVOLUTION, which was published in hardcover in June 2010 and in paperback in June 2011, Dr. Benson and William Proctor talk about how relaxation techniques can activate or deactivate genetic activity. Benson and his colleagues have recently published research showing that with the use of certain techniques, we can achieve some mastery over the genes for stress-related illnesses. This research holds enormous promise for a wide variety of conditions, from migraines to Parkinson’s to hypertension to asthma to all forms of pain. In an era when we discover almost daily negative effects of medications and surgeries, this book is a welcome antidote to invasive and often dangerous therapies.

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